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Probably the most satisfying part of working with our clients is seeing the changes that our work helps bring to both their personal and professional lives.  Selling a business is definitely a life-changing event that may only happen once in your life, and we're glad we get to help guide you through the experience.

“Having Romanchuk & Co. involved early-on definitely helped us be prepared for the transaction with Rock Hill.  They knew exactly the type of partner I needed for my business and were able to communicate our growth story effectively in order to achieve the valuation I was after.”

Bryan Hoffman, President

kV Power

“Romanchuk & Co. was the right choice for us. We feel they were able to not only maximize the value of APSCO during the process, but they also made sure we had several great options to consider – which resulted in the selection of the right partner for the business going forward.”

Shawn Walsh, President

Imperial Private Equity

"During our process, Brad and his team were amongst the top tier of financial advisors to a seller I've dealt with during my career in private equity. When we requested data, we got it quickly. They were honest, fair and, based on their financial operations background in the oil services business, highly versed in the business they were charged with selling."

Mark Benham, Managing Director

Celerity Partners

”The Romanchuk team was integral to our success story at SCS Technologies.  They led us through the recapitalization of our company and were able to handle all the fine details with amazing professionalism.  They simplified the process and went out of their way to accommodate our busy schedules.  I highly recommend Brad’s team. ”

Cliff Castilaw, President

SCS Technologies

“I engaged Brad to provide CFO consulting services and to assist with the sale of two of my companies.  They handled the complexities of working through and closing two transactions simultaneously, and reaching an outcome that I was very pleased with.  It was great to have someone like them on my side.”

Ronnie Harpe, Owner

Silverline Transportation & Southwest Proppants

"When we made the difficult decision to sell our business, we wanted to put our trust in someone who was looking out for our best interest.  Brad and his team worked diligently and very patiently to walk us through this process making it a positive and less stressful experience.  We were truly amazed at the value of our company, and the wonderful fit they were able to find in a partner for us.  We would highly recommend them."

Angela & Blaise Riggs, Owners

Cutter Drilling Systems

The above testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients and should not be construed as a guarantee of future performance or success.

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