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Our advisory services have been built around providing candid, independent, and sound financial insight and advice to middle market companies - whether privately owned or backed by outside capital.  Our professionals have broad experience in industry as senior financial executives and a demonstrated proficiency in many facets of finance, accounting, operations and mergers & acquisitions.  We are able to effectively translate this expertise into practical, custom-tailored solutions, providing what we feel is a superior, more comprehensive value proposition to our clients.





Business valuation requires an in-depth, technical knowledge of accounting, valuation and finance, combined with an intimate knowledge of the subject business and the industry in which it operates.  Our years of experience as CPAs working both in and with lower middle market companies, combined with our demonstrated proficiency in advising on mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance transactions gives us a unique perspective and ability in providing comprehensive and defensible valuation opinions. Romanchuk & Co. specializes in providing independent business valuation services relating to mergers & acquisitions, including purchase price adjustments and earn-out disputes, financing, succession planning, buy-sell agreements, business disputes and shareholder disputes.


Our transaction services approach is all about mitigating risk for our clients.  We approach our quality of earnings reports and financial due diligence engagements with the thoroughness of an accounting firm and from the perspective of seasoned deal and industry professionals.  The result is a purposeful, detailed approach that produces an informative and insightful analysis of the target business...all at a reasonable cost  to the client.  We offer financial advisory services relating to due diligence, quality of earnings reports, cash flow forecasting and analysis, EBITDA adjustments and analysis, financial statement normalization, working capital analysis and forecasting, financial process standardization, as well as business and operational strategy.


Our FLS practice is built upon our expertise in technical accounting, our experience working as financial executives in middle market companies, our demonstrated M&A track record, and our reputation as experienced professionals in energy, power, and oilfield services, construction and manufacturing industries.  We offer litigation support services including fraud investigations, forensic accounting, merger & acquisition disputes, accounting misrepresentations, consultant & expert witness, receiver services, and interim CEO & CFO services.


We live in the lower middle market. We know the unique challenges this market presents – especially when it comes to accounting and reporting.  We offer services that we have tailored to lower middle market companies, which provide the owners valuable insight into their business by improving their accounting and reporting, internal controls and overall financial processes. With our distinct blend of industry, public accounting and M&A experience, we offer a unique and comprehensive value proposition to our clients.


Has it become increasingly difficult to get clear visibility into one of your client's financial situation?  We offer a specialized suite of services designed to assist lenders and financial stakeholders in protecting the assets and maximizing their recoveries when companies encounter difficult times.  Our restructuring advisory offerings include enhanced management reporting, cash flow forecasting and analysis, cash flow integrated pro-forma financials, working capital optimization, expense reduction strategies, financial process standardization and business and operational strategy consulting. 


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